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She Speaks Stories


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Party-girl Katie Hawkins doesn't really contemplate religion and God much-until a needed teaching job falls in her lap. Katie begins working at a private school, where she teaches hungover, smokes in the teachers' lounge, and makes up her own answers to her students' questions about Jesus. She would never have imagined that she would soon become a Spirit-filled follower of Jesus with a passion for glorifying God.

In She Speaks Stories: Finding Hope, Help, and Healing in a Hard World, Katie chronicles how she has seen God working in her life, providing hope amid despair, help in times of trouble, and healing amid brokenness. Through stories of Katie's ordinary and everyday struggles-and bigger trials too-she demonstrates how hardships can create a pathway to connection with God.


Heartfelt and engaging, She Speaks Stories will inspire you to connect with the bigger story of God, discover His grace and mercy, and develop a deep, meaningful, and authentic relationship with Him.