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Motivating Your Man, God's Way (Bundle)

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Book #1:(Discovering One Word That Energizes Your Husband To Love)


Motivating Your Man God's Way! Sound intriguing? Every wife we have met desires to motivate her man to be more loving. So what motivates a husband to love, and feel more love for his wife? Dr. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs discovered the secret and share it with wives in this simple guide. Dr. Eggerichs says: "If there's one thing that we have discovered in our years counseling couples, it's that husbands really seem to lack motivation in this area! For instance, who primarily seeks out marriage counseling? Who most often urges attendance at a marriage seminar? That's right - she does. We felt that this was the fundamental problem in many of the marriage difficulties we bumped up against." So what does motivate a husband to love, and feel more love for his wife? Dr. Emerson and Sarah discovered a simple answer. By putting into practice the principles they discuss, you will actually be able to effect positive changes in your marriage, probably to an extent you have only dreamed about!


Book #2:Motivating Your Man God’s Way: Applying One Word That Energizes Him to Love


In book one you discovered your husband's code word. That single truth motivates your husband to serve you and even die for you. In this book, you are ready to apply this discovery.

Dr. Eggerichs says: "As a wife you speak in code. You may not think so, but you do. And, you expect your husband to decode the code! Motivating your husband has a lot to do with getting him to understand where you are really coming from - to get him to decode your secret code. So, how do you get him to do that? We believe if you, as a wife, seek to understand your husband's code, and apply what you learn in this book, he will seek to better understand your code. That's it! If you act on this, applying what we recommend in the assignments, you will energize him to act, to decode your code. That's part of what's extraordinary and amazing about this!"

We get hundreds and hundreds of testimonies. Here are two:

On 119 and 120 of Motivating Your Man God's Way Part I, it has a prayer by Dr. Eggerichs: 'Help me unfold Your truth ....God has been answering that prayer. Thank you for your perseverance and obedience. I am 54 and this is the first I have heard of this truth. I was a religion & philosophy major in college, and this is the first I have heard of this truth. I have been in church since I was four years old, and this is the first I have heard of this truth. God is faithful to answer your prayers.

I have begun to read book two and am thrilled to report that the questions are piercing and the content motivating. The contrasts between what a man is thinking (during conflict) and how he reacts as a result and what a woman is thinking and her resulting actions (words) is right on the mark! How powerful that information will be to many women. Wow! Good stuff.