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Here at Change Her Story we believe that every cause is worth fighting for, and that every person can use a helping hand at some point. 

Headquartered in southeastern Florida, we are faced with these people every day. With one of the highest homeless populations in America, we knew that there was more we could do. 

Four years ago we began working with a local group that provided biweekly meals to those men, women and children living on the streets. As our involvement in this cause went on there was a need for a devoted leader to make these events come to life. As always, we at Change Her Story were ready to answer that need, and so the “Love People Cafe” was born. 

To this day, the Love People Cafe regularly feeds the homeless in Clearwater and creates a safe haven for those that have limited resources. We offer food, advice and resources to help those living on the streets reclaim their lives and get back on track. 

A majority of the people we serve have fallen on hard times, and are unable to get back to work due to minor setbacks that they do not have the resources to meet. This year alone, through local partnership, we were able to meet a huge need for those men looking to get back to work: steel toed work boots. Many jobs that are available to this community require manual labor working in dangerous situations with heavy machinery. In these jobs, steel toe work boots are a requirement, and an expense that many struggle to meet. In 2019 alone we have already provided in excess of 150 pairs of boots, allowing these men to start to take back control of their circumstances. There is no greater joy than knowing we are able to make a small donation, and watch the recipient use that to elevate their lives to greater heights. 

In addition to donating food and necessities, we also use our books to spread the love. In accordance with our zero waste policy, we take titles that do not fit into our current stock and share them with the homeless, not only providing them with a warm meal, but an inspiring story. 

We believe that to feel the love you need to first share yourself, and we make sure to love every individual we come across. We believe that with support and encouragement, we can make a difference.


Domestic Violence

Through our programs, we work daily with women that have experienced domestic violence, and the process of putting the pieces of our lives back together for a better future. 

With a strong core of leaders that are survivors themselves, we are always striving to provide services and support to those in recovery. Be it through our publishing branch, or creative writing workshops or giving food and donations to those living in domestic violence shelters, we want survivors to know that we are here for whatever they need. A shoulder to lean on, an outlet for their experience, or access to resources they need to rebuild, Change Her Story is a haven for all who have had their control taken away.

In conjunction with our homelessness programs we also provide bi-weekly food deliveries to women and children in our local shelters that are trying to carve out their path again. Women in these positions are vulnerable, and we find by showing up we are able to allow them to begin to feel safe and supported again.

Our message is this: you are loved despite your circumstances and what you have been through. We have built a community in which we find strength for ourselves and for others, and you are always welcomed into our space, where above all we offer Space to allow creativity and Grace, because we believe in you.