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With years of experience in the male dominated world of publishing, we watched countless women who be turned away because they didn’t fit into the cookie cutter mold that has been mapped out. We decided it was time for a change, time to create a safe place for women to share their truth. This is how Her Purpose Press was born. From women who wanted to create children’s books, to survivors finally ready to share their experience and heal, we believe every story should have a chance to make it into the mainstream. We are ready to take these stories and shepherd them to greatness. 

Her Purpose Press was created as an avenue for women to be able to create freely and passionately, knowing that they would not meet a firm “no” when trying to publish their work. We offer comprehensive services that not only take your story and put it into print, but make you feel empowered and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. We want to help you put out a novel that will make you realize your potential, and for that we are so proud.

We offer low cost service packages for women looking to publish nonfiction content that allow our authors more control and profitability on the works they’ve created. As a nonprofit company a majority of our capital comes from donations and works published and sold through our cause. This allows us to also provide seed grants to qualified authors that are ready to start on their publishing journey. Not sure if you can afford to put that story out into the world? We may be able to help!

By creating a hybrid approach to this process we make sure that more of your royalties make it back into your pocket. Not only will we ensure your work makes it to print, we also provide an online store that will help you sell your book. And don’t worry, we aren’t going to take more than half like most publishing and merchant companies. We only take 22% to cover the cost of production, and request a modest donation so that we can continue to give back to women like you. Women with a story and a dream that we can help come true.

Writing a story that isn’t nonfiction? We have a vast network of female owned publishing firms that we are excited to connect you with. The first step in your publishing journey starts here. Let us show you how it's done!

Each and every day we work with women who are looking to find success in the publishing industry, and we are ready to get started on helping you achieve your goals. Visit our Work With Us page to get started on your publishing journey today!