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We make room on the shelf for women authors.

Our online bookstore is the first of its kind. Selected of one of 15 spotlight companies by the Social Enterprise Alliance we offer a non-profit social enterprise bookstore. This means that every book purchased in our store directly funds the publishing of another woman’s dream. We are so proud of this accomplishment as our company managed to stand out in a sea of hundreds of companies in this year’s round, because we believe in doing good and being advocates for those without a voice.

Our publishing branch, Her Purpose Press, allows for women to sell their books in our store giving them more control and freedom over their work than standard publishing approach. Did you know that an author selling on Amazon is required to give up 54% of the proceeds to their work with each sale? Not here. Our authors are required to only put forward the cost it makes to create their book, which in our case is roughly 22%, 32% less than Amazon! Of course a majority of our authors are also big believers in what we do here, so often an additional percentage will go right back to our cause allowing other survivors to get a taste of success.

Our store features a variety of nonfiction titles exclusively written by female writers. Not only do we host novels that are published through our company, but also novels donated by other female authors, local donations and more to offer you a wide selection to choose from. This means that whatever you are looking for, you can find it here. Check out our Authors page to see more about the inspiring women that create with us!

Our promise is this, in our store you will find captivating stories that make a difference every step of the way. Your purchase will not only provide you with hours of entertainment, but also the pride that you have made a difference, and that bring us the greatest joy. Join our movement, and get involved today by purchasing your first Change Her Story novel!