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So, what happens to the donated books that don’t meet the requirements to be hosted in our store? This is where our Book Nooks come into play.

No book is left behind. Ever. If a book does not meet the criteria to be hosted in our store, we have the perfect solution. Our books are spread far and wide, spreading a message of empowerment each and every step of the way.

Our Book Nook are a collection of titles hosted by a local business owner, non-profit or public meeting place where readers can go and pick up a book by making a suggested donation into one of our drop-boxes. Simply select a title from our collection, make a donation, either by dropping it into the donation box, or for your convenience, through a simple link we include so that you can do so right on line. Easy as pie!

These donations come right back to Change Her Story and allow us to help more women create their work and publish their dream, which is a cause we can all get behind.

Our Book Nooks can be found in a variety of places local to southeastern Florida. We work with doctors offices, real estate firms, hair salons, meeting places and more. Our novels are displayed for your browsing pleasure, and if you find a book that you love, feel free to give a little back and hold onto it. 

In each of our novels you will find the special Change Her Story sticker, letting you know that this story doesn’t stop with you. Each and every person who enjoys this book in the future will know that they are making a difference for a cause that is near and dear to all of our hearts: giving survivors a voice and a platform to speak their truth. So once you’re finished with your book pass it on! We are happy to have it back, but even happier to hear that you have passed on this story, and our message to someone else that can be as excited to share in our purpose as we are!

We also host pop-up Book Nooks throughout the year, click here to see where you can find us at local events!

Love the idea of our Book Nooks and want to bring one to a place near you? Great! We are always looking for business owners that want to get involved in hosting one of our Nooks, and maintenance of this program will require no effort on your part! We have local representatives that will place the nook and the collection box, and come and check in to add more titles and collect our donations so that they can get to work. By hosting this program in your business you are saying that you believe in the success of women, and that you are ready to show your customers that we can do more. This message will resonate with them, after all we all love a company who likes to give back. Contact us today on how your business can make a difference through this partnership!