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When writing, putting your message into words is only part of the process if you are looking to create a product, after all we know our stories better than anyone. The real challenge lies in bringing that creation through production and the publishing process to make it ready to bring to the market. In an industry dominated by male owned firms and ideas, how can a woman with a purpose stand out? That's where we come in.

All stories deserve to be told. Whether you are an accomplished author with dreams of being on the bestseller list, or a woman who has decided she is finally ready to put her trauma into words in a journal, there is a safe space here for you. Change Her Story is committed to providing women the space and grace needed to express themselves through writing and being creative for whatever reason they choose.

Change Her Story is a non-profit focusing on female empowerment through writing. Like all great things, we started as a big idea. After years of witnessing female writers be turned away by the publishing machine and feel as though their story was not worth telling, something had to be done. This idea quickly turned into the realization of a dream: a thriving non-profit that works with survivors of trials and trauma using writing as an avenue to heal and restore, validating that their voice is heard. 

Her Purpose Press by Change Her Story is a female operated non-profit publishing company that specializes in a hybrid approach to publishing non-fiction written by female authors. This approach offers a low cost option that allows the writer to receive larger royalties from the products sold. As a non-profit we are able to offer our services with helpful payment solutions and even grants for qualifying authors. We are here for every step of the process, from editing, to selling copies of your book right in our online store and beyond. Our extensive background and network of like-minded professionals allows us to guarantee that you are in good hands.

Maybe you aren’t looking to write, but love a good story. You’re in the right place! We offer an online book store, and stock the shelves with what we love. The first of its kind, our bookstore is a social enterprise non-profit book store. You guessed it, that means proceeds from every sale in our store go right back to funding the publishing of these stories. 

Want to help? We believe that no book should be left behind. Through our Book Nooks and donations to local shelters, we take our zero waste policy very seriously. Free up that shelf of titles you’ve already read, and send them our way! We promise to find them a new home.

Reading and writing is an avenue that all deserve access to, no matter your circumstances or story. Whether you are looking to grab a good read (and make a difference) or get started on the path to publishing, Change Her Story is the perfect place to start.