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There are many programs for specific trauma groups where women can seek help in the midst of a current crisis. Many of these programs are limited to short-term assistance and the goal is to quickly transition the women back into the world. The truth is, in most cases, the survivors are not really ready to face the world on their own. Whether it is domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual trauma, or any other trauma experience, Change Her Story is potentially a next step for these women to go from surviving the crisis to thriving in life after trauma.

Our aftercare programs are structured to support women to get their life back and achieve sustainable success in all areas. The women working within any of our programs earn a living wage while learning viable job skills and/or exploring the other entrepreneurial options for their future.

The goal of each of our social enterprises is to provide meaningful opportunities for community support, valuable training and/or employment experience in a trauma-informed environment, as well as provide an entrepreneurial income stream to support our mission. All purchases from Change Her Story programs support the women in our community.

A brief outline of the programs we currently offer:

HER STORY STORE - This is our retail store which features primarily women created or founded products within the store. The retail storefront is done through pop-up retail in person at our headquarters in Florida and special events throughout the country. We also have our products available through online e-commerce. 

LOVE PEOPLE CAFE - The cafe will always offer a menu of fresh meal options for customers. These meals will be available for delivery to your home or office. We also provide meals through this outreach. The meals are delivered to single moms and children in need through referral from local agencies. The women trauma survivors within our community participate in preparing and serving these meals. We believe that in order for any woman to truly heal, she must experience time being in service to others.

tHIS LOVE CO, - This is our manufacturing social enterprise. tHis Love manufactures a wide array of products for distribution and wholesale. Women involved in tHis Love Co will participate in training for production, packaging, shipping & logistics, sales & marketing, and administrative jobs.

THRIVE LIFE - A membership organization where the women can belong for community support. Thrive Life is a unique membership organization where any woman can join for participating in Christ, Community, & Career related gatherings every week. All women within the CHS program will be given free membership while they are a part of any of the programs.

HER PURPOSE PRESS - This is our non-profit hybrid publishing company where many women trauma survivors are given an opportunity to use their story to help other women. The women that are chosen to participate in this program are given the opportunity to create their first product, a book, with some part of their story that they have chosen to share with the world. They are also given training and learning opportunities for optimizing the opportunity of having a product to share in the marketplace and general entrepreneurship training.

LYSSA'S LOVING HAND - Art and creative program started by Lyssa Dudley where women can participate in creating art. Lyssa creates art and teaches others with her gifts. Some of the products created are sold in the marketplace.