Change Her Story is more than just an ordinary organization, it is a movement dedicated to the journey of empowerment and hope and healing for women.

We often find women are facing unexpected trials and/or tragedy. We are strongly committed to women helping women to love and heal and grow together in this creative community. 

As women, we often find ourselves asking the question, "How did I get here?" and "What is my purpose?" but the answer can feel complicated and complex. The journey does not have to be done alone.

A simple handout is not enough to navigate the transition that is often taking place. Love is the ultimate remedy to bring these sensitive and often very creative women back to living their best life. It takes a community of other women who understand to provide encouragement and support all along the way. 

Independent Bookstore

Our initial programs include a sustainable independent bookstore social enterprise. We use this store to generate the funding necessary to operate our programs while providing opportunities for women to gain knowledge and experience during their employment within this retail business. 

Food & Shelter

We will also feed hungry women and children. We are building infrastructure for a program that will deliver much needed food staples right to the door of women and children in need. Our plan is to not only provide food to eat but to also feed their mind through our books.

Publishing Platform

The indie bookstore works hand in hand with our publishing company. We are a print & digital social enterprise that provides expansive opportunities for women to learn skills within the writing and publishing trades. Change Her Story is a respected Indie Publisher of books and magazines in print and digital forms.