A community of female creatives

sharing their stories and helping each other

We are a non-profit social enterprise on a heart-mission to provide awareness, education, and opportunities for women and girls in writing and publishing in all the various medias. These often include creating books, digital products, and more. 

Change Her Story also supports and empowers women who have experienced any kind of trauma through our creative programs. We operate some of these programs within the organization and other programs are through cohesive direct partnerships with other companies to provide sustainable positive outcomes.

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We appreciate every single book! We are grateful that you are helping us reach our goal of collecting thousands of books this year to help women in writing & publishing their stories!

Morning Moments with God Parents Rising Prayer Thoughts ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition (Cloth over Board, Navy) Unshaken

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Prayer requests

Our foundation is found in what we believe to be the most important book of all. Please share your prayer requests with us, we would love to be united with you in prayer for any needs that you may have.

Please email: prayer@changeherstory.org

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